Thursday, May 31, 2012


When people back home in Melbourne talk about travelling overseas, they go on about Paris, Rome, Venice, Florence and so on; the big cities. And yes, they're amazing. However, you never hear people raving about Langres or Dijon, Dole or Cluny. But these places are magnificent.

Today we did a short cycle into the old city of Dijon. According to Phillipe, a French traveller we met, Dijon is the most important city in Boulogne. Al & I were gawping around like mooncalves & Phillipe explained all the local architecture to us and gave me a French lesson into the bargain. He showed us the oldest house in Dijon dating from 1483. This, evidently, was where Gerard Depardieu starred in the film Cyrano de Bergerac. The photo in the window was proof. Lol.

It's 3pm now & we're back at the van. I'm glutted on ineffable sights. Have been wheeling my bike around simply gasping in awe at the vistas everywhere. Every corner leads to another fairytale streetscape.

Need to sit back & take stock.

On the church wall there is an owl, symbol of Dijon, that one strokes for luck, according to Phillipe & the number of people giving it a rub as they passed by. I didn't bother. I must have already rubbed such a charm to be having this blissful holiday.

Sorry to bore you with how good it all is. Need to remember what happened back in Vietnam when we lost our passports & cash.


  1. i am travelling vicariously through you, so you keep telling me about the wonderful vistas and scenery and people! you deserve a spectacular trip after the passport fiasco of vietnam.

  2. I'm with KD, loving the pictures and the commentary. It is inspiring me to travel again, one day.