Saturday, August 27, 2011

Brief update on daughter, Didi.

It's my niece's birthday lunch today; a chance to catch up with the young relatives. 

The venue is about three k away so the old man and I plan to cycle there, rather than have to worry about driving and the rest.

Daughter has been living away from home now for about six weeks.  It's all good.  Can't be bothered detailing it at this point, given I've got about five minutes to spend writing.

Surprised to get this text message from my daughter, who lives about four k away in the other direction from the venue.

"I don't want to drive.  How will I get there? K [housemate] isn't home.  [Presumably Didi would have cadged a lift.]  Could dad maybe drop me off at Sydney Rd then go home and get his bike? Or can T [brother] drive me?"

Well, dad isn't up for a ten k round trip at this stage on a Saturday, sorry Didi.  Catch a tram.

She's still our baby girl.