Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Day of the Triffids

That asparagus is taking over the city. Clearly it's in season here and the Munchens can't get enough. Took a photo but damned if I can work out how to load it.

Meanwhile, fascinated by how other cultures 'ablute'. Had a tussle with a cloth towel dispenser in the Damen at a restaurant. Was a bit thrilled that there was no lavatory attendant into the saucer of whom I had to throw a coin.

So here's me feeling up a towel dispenser; one of those continuous rolls. I was looking for the magic button to get it to cut me some slack so I could dry my hands. Was it automated? I waved variously around it. No. Nothing to press.

Decided to give the roll a tug. It released a measure of towel. Hands dried, I loosened my grip. Twang. The bloody thing yanked back with such force that I leapt back.

First the asparagus, then the incredible living towel dispenser.

Just sayin'.

Don't get me started on my diabetic nightmare blisters.

This post courtesy of my index finger, iPhone Blogger app and Hotel Jederman wifi. Love this little cosy hotel, where Al and I are sitting in the 'snug' playing Scrabble and having a bevy.

And hey. Think I've just attached a triffid pic.

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