Wednesday, February 29, 2012

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Think I blew my HbA1c result. 

I've written about this before, but every three months or so I have this blood test.  It measures how well I've controlled my hard-to-control diabetes for the past 12 weeks.

As I've said, I exercise, diet and adjust insulin doses accordingly to try to achieve the impossible - an HbA1c of 6, or under.  Don't think it's ever happened.  Since I've been pumping insulin it's been around the 7.5 mark.  Still, better than it was on MDI - multiple daily injections.

And there are all those variables - stress - thanks for losing the passports, Al - heat, cold, mood, and the WTF x-factor.  Beats me if I know what it is.

My last blog was about my tendency to catch whatever's thrown my way infection wise.  (If only I'd had such skill on the basketball court - with the ball, but.)

So this is me the other night, perched on the edge of my bed, first at about 1 am.  Checked blood glucose.  15.  Seemed to match the way I was feeling: sore throat, runny nose, headache.  Bolused it down.  That is, I entered 15 into my insulin pump, which calculated the dose of insulin needed to bring the blood sugar back to the normal range.  Pressed GO.  That done, had a couple of paracetamol and fell back onto my pillow.

2 am. Same deal.  Except now my BG was 15.5.  Jeeze, I'm really sick, I thought, bolusing again.

4 am.  I woke with a sore tummy and aching calves, for some unknown reason.  And thirst. And razor blades in the back of my throat.  Checked my BG:  20.5.  Fark.  Bolused again; about 4 units of insulin.

Drank some more water to quell raging thirst.  Visited the loo.  Whilst enthroned, feeling sick and knowing this high BG was going to throw out my upcoming HbA1c - yes, I actually thought about that at 4 in the morning (another stressor) - I thought to check my 'set' - the sticky patch where the cannula is inserted into me.

Well, where it should have been inserted.  The patch was secure on my hip, but the little bit of tube had somehow popped out.  I had no idea how long I'd been squirting insulin onto my nightie instead of under my skin.

So.  Changed the set.  Bolused 4.3 units, despite my pump telling me I already had this much 'insulin on board'.  Cuppa.  Read for a bit - Nick Earls, The Fix, love it - slept for a couple more hours.

BG 9 when I finally got up. 

Time to get on with the day?  Nah.  Too sick.

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  1. sometimes i wonder why checking my site isn't the first thing i do when my BG's are up for apparently no reason. it would only make sense wouldn't it?? ya but that's too easy, right?
    hope you are feeling better!