Saturday, February 4, 2012


Brief update.

Finally picked up our passports with visas attached at 3pm on January 31.

(Have I ever felt such relief in my life?  Maybe.  There were those two instances during two C-section births, when I was lying on my back, ready to be delivered of my babies, and the obstetrician started the op and released the amniotic fluid!  That felt good.  Oh yeah.  And the babies were healthy.)

All right.  I suppose the healthy babies were a bigger relief.  But I digress - and use a cliched expression at the same time.

After we'd got our documents sorted, everything went smoothly, even the six hour stopover during which we watched,and enjoyed, some animated film starring a Kung Fu panda.  It tilled in a few units of time.

The air at Melbourne Airport smelled sweet, and I breathed in great lungfuls of it while we waited, in perfect Melbourne morning weather, for our son to pick us up.

My vitreous floater - the eye prob - seems stable and the ophthalmologist has reassured me that it'll be okay for now.

Yesterday I wore my voice out teaching a full load of year 8s and 10s and telling the other staff of my intrepid travels.  Nothing like getting straight back on the bike.

So now I'm back, did all that trauma really happen?

Next stop, Munich in May.  Can't cancel.  Already locked in.  Think I'll carry the passports.


  1. glad you made it home safely! and yes, i agree. next time you carry the passports! hahah!

  2. Yay! Make copies too! Good eye is OK. And so glad some one who is clearly a better English teacher than me uses "But I digress. . ." It's one of my favourite expressions! xx Stella

    1. Believe it or not, I'm now excited about our forthcoming Europe tour. I've organised my new non-emergency passport and am ready to fly!