Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Back up the ladder.

Seems I'm not past it at all.

Was really fretting about being unable to paint a room in my house, as my previous post will attest. I did actually call a painter who was happy to drop around and quote on finishing the job I'd started. Got lucky with Greg, local painter & decorator. He didn't turn up. Reminded me why I've generally detested having to engage tradies, barring a few who've done jobs for a reasonable price. 

So I had to figure out how to complete the job myself. I solved everything by blaming my tools - my wobbly plank suspended on two heavy ladders - & buying a stable, light aluminium ladder for $129.

Hey presto. I could get up and down that ladder with ease; could brace my knees against its top step whilst dealing with my 3 meter ceiling.

Having given my OCD free rein - or is it reign? Either works - I've now almost completed the room, which is glowing with some ethereal light, probably because I've painted over the brown trim I'd so 'fashionably' chosen circa 1995. I've replaced it with a neutral shell for the walls and ceiling, a shade deeper on the ceiling rose, cornice - btw, fuck painting a cornice!! - and woodwork.

And btw too, fuck rolling around on polished floorboards trying to get a straight edge along the skirting board. Suppose my behind got a good workout as I walked backwards, wet paintbrush in one hand, on my bum cheeks. And that was just the primer. Still have two coats to go. (Is this what the pros do?)

Have been mightily satisfied by my first 'poly-filler' experience. Pete's gouged out window now looks almost new. Can't blame Pete for that bit of vandalism. The damage to the underside was caused by a crowbar, or whatever, when we were broken into in the late 80s. It's only taken 20 or so years for me to get around to fixing it. 

Where's Al in all this? When he's not bragging to his mates in the pub about the benefits of having a wife with OCD who likes a project, he's in the kitchen making my hard-earned dinner.


  1. I'm sure I've said it before but Al is a legend!! Can you send him around to make my dinner too?
    I KNEW you weren't past it!
    I remember painting our en suite. . .painting over pine panelling. It's like it was drinking the paint, I think we (that is me) ended up doing 4 coats!
    I vaguely remember a little tool, sort of like a sponge on a big piece of square plastic like a ruler that made cutting in simple. Still, painting advice at this point- after the event - is probably not welcome.
    Good for you, Fraudy!

    1. Hi Stella. I've worked with that little edger before. Unfortunately, I'd forgotten but saw one at Bunnings after I'd finished the job!

      Yep, Al is a legend. Probs not good to tell you he still works out & has the best legs. Haha. True, but.