Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Happy coincidence

Period 1 today, I was at the front of my year 10 class, all eyes on me. Suppose I was striding around a bit, waving my arms as I tried to make some point about the film The Sixth Sense, which we're studying at the moment. I had everyone's attention, and then I heard the computerised tones of Fur Elise, coming, I supposed, from between my breasts. (My insulin pump, wearing its baby sock, fits very snugly between the girls.)

Anyone who wears an Animas 2020 insulin pump will no doubt be familiar with this tune.  It's a warning that you're getting low on insulin or it's a reminder that you've suspended your pump.

I also seemed to be contravening the 'switch off your mobiles in class' rule, much to the amusement of 25 students.

I did the only thing possible. I reached inside my shirt front to press the button to stop the sound. As I did so, cos you've got to admit it would look funny to see your old teacher grovelling between her tits in the middle of a lecture on a film, I explained that I wear an insulin pump and that it was warning me my insulin was running low.

At the same time a boy in the back row interrupted.

"Actually, miss," he said, "I think it's mine."

And it was.


It was a unique and strangely joyous experience for me finding a fellow Type 1 in such close proximity. Let's face it, unless you work in the industry, or you're at a special conference or some-such, you're unlikely to find two insulin pumps - let alone Animas pumps - in the one small room. What are the odds?


  1. Wow, I love this! I was just about to quote our twitter exchange regarding the heirarchy of worry-worthiness and it led me to your wonderful blog!

    Posting soon on www.confessionsofaworrywart.com. I assume our twitter exchange is public, so it's okay to use it--if otherwise, let me know.

    So happy to know you on the other side of the globe!

  2. Just read your profile and many similarities. I have 3 adult kids, I bike everywhere, am and have a sister, a bit older than you at 67, unless you are generous with the middle-age moniker. Hip replacement, but no diabetes.

  3. Lovely to hear from you, Susan. You can see why I loved Confessions of a Worrywart. I had lots to identify with! Of course you can use the Twitter exchange. Cheers.