Monday, July 2, 2012

European Cup at Gigny sur Saone.

In a bar at a camping at Gigny-Sur-Saone. Geez I wish I was into sport.

Have had filet de boeuf - medium - & creme brûlée for dessert a the restaurant at this camping in the grounds of a chateau in Bourgogne. Delish if a trifle expensive

Popped into the bar for a bevy afterwards - 9 pm - & everyone is absorbed by the European Cup. Do not speak!

Well, who can I talk to? They're all English or Dutch. I've said it all to Al & he gets the blog shoved down his throat. He's happy that I'm playing on my phone & resting his ears.

Swear the guy behind the bar is a polyglot. He's real good at flipping into another language when he's had enough chat though. His language talents are wasted in a caravan park. He should work for the United Nations. He does Dutch, German, French & English with fluency. Amazing.

My legs ache. Need a barstool.

Just chatted to the polyglot bartender. Says he identifies with Basil Fawlty.


  1. Fabulous! Envious of anyone who can speak any language other than English.

    1. Amazing how my French has developed over the last 7 weeks. This is the longest stay I've ever had in France. Props have to go to my French teachers, particularly Mme Kemp at Melbourne State College. She was Parisienne and taught us to speak well. Pity my vocab and grammar is so limited!