Sunday, November 20, 2011

Diabetes Pity Party Over

Bit hung over from the Diabetes Pity Party.  Should never have gone there.  Shouldn’t have indulged.  It’s too addictive.  Like alcohol - well, middle range chardonnay* - diabetes could control my whole life.

Used to regularly visit, and comment on,  It was hugely supportive when I first started pumping insulin and needed some insight from other pumpers.  But it became repetitious; tedious.  Hundreds – probably thousands – of PWDs banging on about diabetes in its various forms. 

I’m sick of reading and thinking about diabetes.  It’s enough having to live with it.  But I’m caught in a bind.  On one hand, I’d like to ‘unfollow’ all those diabetes Tweets/Twitterers/bloggers (whatever!) because they make me focus more on all that stuff.  On the other hand, there are some brilliant people blogging/vlogging very effectively about diabetes.  The social media thing has allowed me to correspond with some of them.  Communicating with like-minded people is a massive part of why I write.

And another thing.  My brief dip into the Diabetes On-line Community seems to have revealed a strange correlation between PWDs and Christianity.  As a born again atheist, this really gets up my wick.  I won’t go into that one.  Enough there for a whole conference.

So I’m going to cull a few people on Twitter today.  I don’t need extra crap – albeit about diabetes – to read.  Get enough of that from my less able students of English.

Time to get the diabetes cart back behind the horse.

Can feel my hang-over lifting already.

*  Confession:  I'll drink cheap chardonnay.  In fact for want of something better, I've imbibed that awful 'Dalat White' when travelling in Vietnam.

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